Hot Chick’n is back!

After two years cooped up with our culinary team getting it just-right, Hot Chick’n is finally back for a limited time.

Our Hot Chick’n is a crispy, 100% chicken breast burger dusted with our special Shack spice mix that took months to perfect. It’s topped with our cooling Shack-made cherry pepper slaw and pickles for an added crunch – all cradled by our classic, toasted potato roll. And this year, you can customise your heat level: just ask for it Hot, or Extra Hot.

To get it, order ahead for contact-free payment + pick-up (and avoid any lines) or on delivery.

The Hot Menu

Hot Chick’n burger might be our main flame, but this year we’re spicing up our entire squad with a whole new Hot Menu.

Hot chick’n burger

Crispy, 100% chicken breast dusted with our special Shack spice mix, topped with Shack-made cherry-pepper slaw and pickles

Hot chick’n Bites

Crispy pieces of hand-breaded 100% chicken, dusted with Shack spice mix served with BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce

Hot Spicy cheese fries

Crinkle cuts topped with cheese sauce and dusted with Shack spice mix

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Flying above the flock!

So, what puts our Hot Chick’n burger above that other fowl play?

All our chicken is real, white-meat breast that’s fresh, with no hormones or antibiotics—ever. A lotta people ask us what makes our chicken so juicy, so here’s the secret straight from our culinary team: it’s slow-cooked sous vide (a fine dining technique that prevents overcooking) in a creamy buttermilk marinade. After that, it’s dredged and breaded by hand and crisp-fried to-order every single time.