Shake Shack Gatwick has now landed…

Mouthwaterin’ goodness now boarding, please make your way to the Shack…

The airport experience is usually the same; get there, check-in, through security, swift shop and then find somewhere for some grub before your flight. How about changing up the ‘grub’ part, and travellin’ in Shack style with a juicy burger, complete with crispy crinkle-cut fries, and maybe a cheeky beer on the side… 

If this is somethin’ that makes you drool, then we’re Shackin’ things up in Gatwick’s North Terminal where we’ll be bringin’ you the classics. Fancy a fix-up? Come meat us once you get through security, and start your travels with somethin’ a lil’ special. 

Treat yo’self, you’re on holiday!

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Servin’ up succulent burgers before you take off

At Shake Shack, we believe in givin’ our guests the very best quality food made from only the freshest ingredients, that we source from local artisan partners who we know and trust.  

That means that all our beef burgers are made from 100% Aberdeen Angus beef, which has been grass-fed on UK pastures. It’s this that gives our buns their unique taste. 

Take your pick(le)! If you fancy a lil’ chicken, then how ‘bout givin’ our Chick’n Shack burger a go, made with free-range chicken breast, pickles and garlic herb mayo. 

We’re not all about burgers, after all, we began as a humble hot dog cart. So, if you’d prefer to get somethin’ a lil’ lighter, then our Flat Top hot dogs are not to be missed. Whether you go for our 100% all-natural Vienna beef dog, split and griddled crisp, or our Cumberland-Style pork dog you won’t be disappointed.    

If yo’ taste buds are tinglin’, we’ll see you at the Shack…

Findin’ our Gatwick Shack


North Terminal Airside
Gatwick Airport
West Sussex
01293 579 323

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