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Shake Shack x Wavey Garms: The Collab of the Decade

5th July , 2023

Our Waviest Collab to Date!

To mark a decade of Shake Shack UK, we are teaming up with British Culture Brand Wavey Garms for our first ever retail collab. We’re dropping a very limited T-shirt design, available for sale at every Shake Shack across the UK, and on the Wavey Garms website.

About Wavey Garms

Launched in 2013, Wavey Garms is known as an influential fashion site, offering a platform for fashion and streetwear fans to discuss culture without any inhibitions. Wavey Garms have continued to support and collaborate with aspiring creatives, tastemakers, influencers, creatives, musicians and artists since its inception.

We sat down with Andres Branco, founder of Wavey Garms, to get the scoop on this collab:

Who are Wavey Garms?

A community of passionate and interesting people who share common interests and goals.

What inspired you to start Wavey Garms, and how has it evolved over the past 10 years?

I started Wavey Garms as a place for people to share love for vintage and streetwear and it’s turned into so much more. It’s all about fresh talent and fresh ideas within UK culture, sharing insights and creating work we are proud of across visual content and brand activations.

Is working with Shake Shack your first time working with a burger brand? What made this an exciting partnership for Wavey Garms?

My first job was flipping burgers so it has really taken me back to wear my working career began! This is our first partnership with a hospitality brand and I am really grateful for the chance to partner with a global brand in a completely different industry to our usual partnerships.

As a fashion and culture brand, how do you see collaborations like this one shaping the industry and connecting with consumers?

It’s great to see a global brand such as Shake Shack working with grass roots brands like us, embracing local culture and established communities.

What impact do you hope this collaboration will have on the fashion and streetwear community in the UK?

Hopefully it will be seen as a fun celebration of both Shake Shack and Wavey Garms 10 year anniversaries. We hope people love the T-Shirt design as much as we do!

These limited T-shirts are available from 5th July until we sell out.

Order ahead at your Shack below so you don’t miss you!