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First Camden, then the world.

10th May , 2023

The latest Shack has hit the streets of Camden Town. The minimalist design is whipping up big impact burgers and shakes while donating a proportion of sales to Camden Foodbank, a charity supporting local people who are in food crisis. We’ve come a long long way from our modest start as a hot dog stand, now with 360 locations across 83 countries. Where should we go next?

Where to next?

We want your help. What town have you been desperate for some crinkle cut goodness and had to settle for something else? Which high street needs some applewood-smoked bacon in their burgers?
We can’t promise a new Shack is going to pop up in Paris tomorrow but we promise to share the most popular spots and fight to get burgers where they’re most wanted.

Give us a town or city in need of a new Shack