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Feel the heat, but keep it sweet!

1st June , 2022

Comin’ in hot 🔥

Meet the Hot Honey Chicken menu

Our new Hot Honey Chicken menu featured 100% chicken breast, glazed with our new sweet & spicy hot honey sauce and dusted with spicy seasoning.

hot honey chicken burger
A hot honey-glazed crispy chicken breast topped with our cabbage and apple slaw on a toasted potato bun.

hot honey chicken bites
Crispy, hand breaded, 100% chicken bites dusted with our hot honey seasoning, served with our hot honey sauce.

Sippin’ into Spring

We introduced the berry best 🍓 with our new Strawberry + Rhubarb Shake and Strawberry Salted Lime Lemonade, made fresh at the Shack daily

strawberry + rhubarb shake
Vanilla frozen custard blended with real strawberry + rhubarb topped with whipped cream, strawberries + streusel.

strawberry + rhubarb shake
Real strawberry and lime mixed in house with our lemonade.