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Gochujang Chicken Menu

1st October , 2021

This sweet n’ spicy Korean inspired menu landed at our UK Shacks and was a hit!

Korean-inspired Gochujang Chicken Menu

First served in our South Korea Shacks, our take on the classic was such a hit, we were stoked to be flyin’ in our new Korean-inspired menu to our UK Shacks.

Gochujang chicken burger

Spicy-sweet gochujang-glazed crispy chicken breast topped with toasted sesame seeds that sits over our kimchi slaw.

Gochujang chicken bites – 6 count / 10 count

Our classic Chicken Bites with a side of gochujang mayo sauce for dipping.

Gochujang fries

Our classic crinkle cuts with a side of gochujang mayo sauce for dipping (or drizzling).