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Patty Shack Burger Kit

12th October , 2020

Available from 12th to 25th of October 2020

We’ve joined forces with Patty&Bun to bring you the ‘Patty Shack DIY Kit’. The burger is a perfect fusion of our two brands’ signature styles and was born from a mutual love of burgers and quality ingredients.

Available to order from Monday 12th October, the ‘Patty Shack DIY Kit’ is available to order through the Patty&Bun website for just two weeks – so there’s no time to waste!

Order your Patty Shack Kit

Kits include all ingredients to make 4 ‘Patty Shack’ burgers:

 – Patty&Bun’s signature beef blend in Shake Shack’s ’Smashed’ style patties

– Shake Shack’s classic potato buns

– P&B’s pickled cucumbers

 – American cheese

– Shake Shack’s caramelised onions, smoked cheddar mayo, ketchup and American yellow mustard

– Step-by-step guide on how to cook and assemble the burgers, so you can make them exactly as intended from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to get cooking?