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Pie Oh My!

12th March , 2020

Vanilla custard with a slice of Banana
Chocolate Pie!

Our dense, rich and creamy frozen custard is the real deal. Spun fresh at each Shack restaurant daily, we dare you not to like it. 

For a limited time only we’re introducin’a new addition to our menu with the Pie Oh My Banana chocolate concrete! 

What is frozen custard?

Don’t call it ice cream.

Frozen custard is made from a combination of milk, cream and eggs, where ice cream is just milk and cream.

We only use premium ingredients to make our frozen custard. All our vanilla and chocolate frozen custard only uses real sugar, cage-free eggs, and milk from dairy farmers whom we trust and do not use artificial growth hormones. Ever.

Frozen custard near me

If you’re now cravin’ a delicious scoop of our rich, creamy frozen custard then. come find us in London at various locations, or in Intu Lakeside Shopping Centre and Cardiff.

See you at the Shack!