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Tiramisu shake

1st March , 2020

Introducin’ the Tiramisu shake

Trust us, you don’t want to tira-miss this…

Inspired by the classic dessert, our new limited edition shake is a smooth blend of thick mascarpone, coffee, and vanilla frozen custard, topped with sweet amaretti cookie crumbles, and finally dusted with cocoa powder to give that rich chocolate finish.

Better hurry though as this is only available till 19th of March 2020

Tiramisu milkshake near you

Wantin’ to indulge in our new Tiramisu milkshake? You best be gettin’ yo’self to the Shack!  We’ve got several Shacks across London, all servin’ up the new Tiramisu milkshake.

If you’re not in London and worried you won’t get to indulge in the creamy goodness, don’t fear, we’ve got Shacks at Intu Lakeside shopping mall in Essex and St David’s Dewi Sant in Cardiff where you can get your hands on all our new menu items, includin’ the Tiramisu milkshake.