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Covent Garden Second Act

18th March , 2019

Shake Shack Covent Garden: Act Two, Premiere – 28th March 2019!

The Covent Garden Shack, originally opened in 2013 as London’s first Shake Shack location, has opened back with not only a revamped look but also a revamped menu.

In addition to the Shack classics, the Covent Garden Shack features the Caramel Bourbon Shake, vanilla frozen custard blended with caramel and bourbon.

Standin’ for somethin’ good

Pie Oh My! Another Covent Garden Shack exclusive, the Pie Oh My! Concrete, features vanilla frozen custard blended with a seasonal slice of Outsider Tart Pie.

5% of sales from Pie Oh My! Concrete will be donated to support The Dragon Hall Trust charity, a forward-thinking charitable organisation supporting young people, residents, business and community groups in Covent Garden.

Revamped Covent Garden menu

The Covent Garden Shack will offer up two more unique concretes:

  • Royal Toffee House (vanilla frozen custard blended with chocolate toffee, Paul A Young chocolate chunks, salted caramel sauce, and malt powder)
  • Union Shack (chocolate frozen custard blended with Shack fudge sauce, ST. JOHN chocolate hazelnut brownie, Paul A Young chocolate chunks, and chocolate sprinkles).

Our Shacks’ new look

The Shack’s refreshed design features white oak and Carrara marble, used to give a lighter and brighter colour palette, along with classic Shake Shack accents, such as black ATAS corrugated aluminium.

The revamped Shack has a shielded outdoor dining area with heating elements, perfect for those colder London days.

While work was being carried out, the Covent Garden Shack displayed an art installation which was created in collaboration with Rich Fairhead; the artwork gave a nod to the heritage of the area, featuring old theatre posters with a Shake Shack spin.

Find us in Covent Garden

Our Shack can be found inside the Covent Garden Market building south hall, on the upper level.

24 Market Building, The Piazza
01923 555 129