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Burgers n’ brews

15th March , 2019

Burgers n’ Brews – smilin’ from beer to beer

Oh Hoppy Days! Nothing goes together quite like a beer and a burger!

We’re big believers in the romance between a good burger and good beer, and that’s why we partner with only the best breweries around. Shack classics like our ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog and SmokeShack, when paired with that locally-brewed beer, is somethin’ special.


Thornbridge Brewery was introduced to Shake Shack in 2014, when the Shack team asked them to help create a beer that would pair perfectly with a ShackBurger.

Based in Derbyshire, Thornbridge Brewery have been brewing for over a decade! Needless to say, these guys sure know a thing or two about brewing craft beers. That’s why we felt confident givin’ them the responsibility of brewing our signature beers, the Shackmeister Ale and Lager.  We think it’s a brew surely worthy for our thirsty guests.

Since starting with the legendary hopped-up Jaipur IPA, Thornbridge has grown into one of the UK’s most respected and known breweries.  Thornbridge Brewery now brew many different styles of beers and deliver to over 30 countries worldwide!

Gettin’ thirsty? Head down to your local Shack and grab yourself an ice cold pint o’ Shackmeister Ale or Lager with a juicy ShackBurger and try for yourself… you won’t regret it.

Crate Brewery

We thoughtfully select local brews tailored to each location.

Based in East London, Crate Brewery are a micro-brewery that packs a punch!

Shake Shack and Crate come together to give our beer and burger fans something a lil’ special, Crate’s seasonal sour, which can be a different flavour every season.

The Crate team works hard to keep the beer coming for their ever-growing number of craft beer followers and hop lovers. We couldn’t be hoppier to be part of this journey. We’re proud to partner with Crate and are eagerly excited to see what other special beers are in store for us from them in the future.

This summer make sure you taste Crate’s seasonal beer before it’s gone!

Tiny Rebel

Since opening their brewery in 2012, Tiny Rebel has quickly become one of the best craft beer companies in the UK. They’re at the forefront of developing new and exciting beers at a rapid rate for their ever-growing craft beer fan base. It’s no stretch to say that these guys are master of their craft.

Luckily for us, Tiny Rebel recognised the importance of a tasty burger and a good beer. That’s why they happily provide our hungry Cardiff guests with their flagship Fubar pale ale and delicious untraditional Welsh red ale, Cwitch.

If you check out our Cardiff Shack, make sure you grab one of Tiny Rebels’ beers to go with whatever juicy Shack burger you choose…  

Cheers to the Shack!