Shake Shack Cheesy Chips & Other Crinkle Cut Goodness…

‘Do you want fries with that?’ Heck yeah! We believe that fries shouldn’t just be a side-liner but could stand strong as the main act. 

That’s why we give our guests the option to go a little more adventurous than just the standard burger and chips. Break the mould and go big! 

Why not indulge and give your taste buds a dip into cheesy chip delight? Or, add a lil’ Shack speciality to your order by gettin’ involved with our limited edition fries! Just check out what’s on the menu.

However you like your fries, whether they’re lightly salted, smothered in cheese sauce or are fancin’ a fix up, take your pick(le)! We’re goin’ to give you the low-down on your choice of chips available at each Shake Shack, so you can get the perfect burger and fries combo.

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Original Potato-y Goodness

Now we know chips covered in American cheese sauce ain’t for everyone… that’s why you don’t have to get the extra bits if you’re not feelin’ it. Our crinkle-cut fries are still crispy crunchy potato-y goodness when they’re just lightly salted.

Grab some original Shack fries with your order and get stuck in!

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O’so Good Cheesy Chips

We’re sure you know what we’re all about by now… you’ll know that our highly addictive cheesy chips, (or fries) are an ultimate favourite. We don’t blame you! There’s no resistin’ our crispy crinkle-cut fries coated in our famous double blend of cheddar and American cheese sauce, right?!  

We’re always so stoked to hear that people try and recreate our cheese sauce so they can have our cheesy chips at home! But trust us, they’ll never taste as awesome as if you got them made fresh and fast by your local Shack.

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Get Your Burger & Chips Delivered

Does this sound too good to miss out on? Busting to get down to your local Shack and demolish anyone of these, but just can’t make the trip? Don’t stress, we’ve always got ya with Shake Shack delivery.  After recently partnering with Deliveroo, we’re psyched to announce all of these beauties can be delivered straight to your door. 

Happy days! Don’t forget those fries though…

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