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Shake Shack National Burger Awards

Shake Shack has the honour of going burger-to-burger in the 7th annual National Burger Awards with the UK’s best burger brands.

The National Burger Awards is the biggest and best celebration of burgers across the UK. The unique one-day competition sees the cream of the crop battling to impress a panel of industry experts.

The only vegan burger to make the National Burger Awards shortlist was our Crispy Shallot Burger, a bespoke vegan patty created in collaboration with Chef Neil Rankin, topped with smoky cheddar, beer-marinated crispy shallots, lettuce, and tangy Dijonnaise sauce on a toasted potato bun – all 100% vegan.

Fist bumps all around!

If you fancy trying our Crispy Shallot vegan burger then head to your local Shack, or order online for delivery + takeaway.

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