Lookin’ for hot dogs near you?

Servin’ up our delicious hot dogs takes us right back to 2001, where our journey began in Madison Square Park servin’ our first customer from a humble hot dog cart. Fast forward to the present day, and you can now experience our 100% all-natural German beef hot dogs at all our Shack restaurants. 

So if you’re now wonderin’, “where’s the best place to get a hot dog near me?” Check out our Shack locations, to find the one closest to you.

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The classic Shack Flat-Top Dog

Ready for a grillin’? You’re in for a treat with our Flat-Top Dogs! 

Tuck into top quality 100% all-natural German beef served between a squidgy potato roll. In keepin’ with our belief of only servin’ the best quality food, you can be sure that all our hot dogs contain no hormones and no antibiotics. Ever.

So whether you go for our mouthwaterin’ beef dog, you’re only gettin’ split & griddled crisp perfection.

Hot doggity!

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Findin’ your local Shack

If you’re now lookin’ to get stuck into one of our delicious hot dogs you best be gettin’ to the Shack. 

Come meat us at any of our London Shacks. We’ve got a number of Shacks to choose from in London, so you’re in luck for a hot dog near you. Check out our location page to find a restaurant near you and get stuck into one of our famous dogs! 

Not in London? Not to worry. You can also catch us at St David’s Dewi Sant in Cardiff and Intu Lakeside shopping mall in Essex.

Hot dogs delivered to your door

Fancin’ some griddled crisp perfection for dinner tonight, but can’t make it to the Shack? No problem! All your Shack faves are now available for delivery, including our hot dogs.

Order on Deliveroo

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Upcomin’ Shacks!

Don’t have a Shack near you just yet, not to worry! We’re on a mission to bring the taste of Shake Shack to as many people as possible, that’s why we’re constantly opening new Shacks in the UK.

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