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Shake Shack x Ikoyi

Posted on: October 9th, 2023 by Holly

We’ve teamed up with Jeremy Chan of two Michelin-starred restaurant Ikoyi, to bring you and exclusive collaboration available for one day only on 13.10.23 at our Covent Garden Shack. 

We sat down with Jeremy on all things collab, why he opened Ikoyi and of course, his go-to Shack faves. 

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Jeremy. I’m the head chef and co-owner of Ikoyi restaurant which I opened in 2017 with my best friend Iré. I’ve been working at Ikoyi since day one and it’s been a big part of the journey of my life so far.

What inspired you to open Ikoyi?

My best friend Iré is from Nigeria and he asked me to open this restaurant with him and I wasn’t actually planning to cook anymore at the time, then I saw an opportunity to run my own kitchen and express my ideas about food in a really original way. I’m very inspired by spices and seasonality and I wanted to create a restaurant that married these two important aspects of food together. 

The restaurant started as analysing and working with sub-saharan West African ingredients and it’s grown to be a very multicultural, global cuisine which is very much our own. 

Why partner with Shake Shack?

I’ve always been a big fan of Shake Shack and I’ve known Mark Rosati for a few years and I’ve always been really impressed with how consistent and how well constructed their food is. I can tell that it comes from a real kind of chef’s background, the way that the dishes are composed. I really love the flavours, the layering, the textures and I am really impressed with the brand and the way it has grown in the last few years. 

I went to Shake Shack many days after we opened the first site back in 2017, it was good comfort food for me and my team at the time. So it’s kind of cool to be coming back and doing this collaboration with Mark and the team in Covent Garden. 

Shake Shack and Ikoyi

Can you break down the ingredients and flavours in the Ikoyi Burger and Dark Beer Fondue Fries? 

The burger is layered with fermented Scotch bonnet relish on the bottom, then you have a cheese patty. The bun is brushed with pumpkin seed miso brown butter glaze. Then we have some confit pressed grilled sweetbreads, which are glazed in a Buffalo sauce. Then we thinly slice some mustard greens which get sauteed on top of the cheeseburger. And then we finish the burger with an emulsion of fresh herbs and dried spices, which is very vibrant and very green. 

How did you come up with these menu items?

I think we just wanted to showcase some of the really original, sharp, powerful flavours that we have at Ikoyi. Some of the new techniques, the vibrant colours and the textures and the use of wide-ranging and varying ingredients and how we combine them in a unique way. 

Could you tell us about your journey into the world of culinary arts? What initially inspired you to become a chef?

I started being inspired by cooking when I was living in Spain and watching the way food culture there and going to the markets and seeing the convivial life. The way that people like to go out and eat in Spain and I thought I wanted to be a part of this field because I felt like it was a way for me to bring people together, express my creativity, do something physical, do something creative and do something very personal. 

What inspired me to become a chef was by eating in some of the world’s great restaurants. Growing up in Hong Kong, having many wonderful food memories in my childhood and living all over the world from China, Italy, Denmark, Spain and Canada, I think having this multicultural background is part of my DNA and part of my story. 

How would you describe your cooking style in three words, and why do these words resonate with your approach to food? 

My cooking style is, I’d say. It’s passionate, it’s intense and it’s joyful. 

I put my whole heart into everything that I do and I try and do everything to the max, so everything in terms of the food at Ikoyi is about intensity. It’s about memory. It’s about creating clear and decisive flavours and I want to bring joy with my food. I want the dishes to make people happy. I want to give people long lasting memories.

Many of our Shake Shack fans might not be familiar with Ikoyi’s cuisine. Could you describe the type of dining experience someone can expect when visiting your restaurant?

I’d say it’s very laid back, it’s very friendly and we try to have a very natural service style and make everyone feel welcome. In a way we’re trying to disarm people because we want the food to speak for itself. So while there’s a level of intensity and focus with the food, I’d say that we try to keep a relaxed and informal approach with how we treat people.

Beyond cooking, what are some of your other interests or hobbies that people might be surprised to learn about?

Well, I don’t really have much of a life, to be honest, IKOYI has been my life. So I’d say most of my activities outside of work kind of relate to work. I enjoy cycling, I cycle to work everyday. I like to read when I have the time. I read on a wide variety of topics, could be literature, it could be current affairs, it could be politics, it could be the history of architecture. It could be anything really, but I like to read to bring my mind outside of cooking sometimes. 

Quick Fire Questions

Cheese fries and ShackBurger, and I really like the custards as well. 

Probably rice, because it’s very versatile, very comforting, very homey and it’s a vehicle for many other flavours

Spicy, aromatic, complex. 

Ikoyi Burger

The Ikoyi Burger & Dark Beer Fondue Fries are available on 13.10.23 at our Covent Garden Shack from 12pm ’till we sell out. P.S. the first 50 guests can nab some exclusive collab merch. See you there!

The Inside Scoop

Posted on: October 6th, 2023 by Holly

We sat down with some of our very own Shack Fam to get the inside scoop on some of their favourite things about working for Shake Shack, and of course their go-to orders. See if you can spot some ‘Shack Hacks’.

What is your role at Shake Shack?
Senior Digital and CRM Executive

Favourite thing about working at Shake Shack?
The variety of my role, it keeps it fun and no two days are the same!

Your go-to Shack order and why?
‘Shroom Burger – for the epic cheese pull of course!
Fries – extra Shack sauce on the side for dipping?
Fifty/Fifty – it’s so refreshing and the best of both worlds, I’ll definitely try a featured Fifty/Fifty to switch it up, too!

What is your role at Shake Shack?
Guest Relations Executive

Favourite thing about working at Shake Shack?
The people, they are great to work with.

Your go-to Shack order and why?
Cheeseburger with pickle and onions – keeping it simple with extra crunch
Cheese Fries – because why wouldn’t you?
Coffee Shake – massively underrated IMO!

What is your role at Shake Shack?
Head of Real Estate

Favourite thing about working at Shake Shack?
It’s exciting to be a part of the brand’s growth journey across the UK.

Your go-to Shack order and why?
ShackBurger with Bacon – it’s a classic with a twist

Cheese Fries and add Ale-Marinated Shallots – a Shack-hack for you there!
Chocolate Shake, making it malted of course – it takes the taste to the next level.

What is your role at Shake Shack?
General Manager

Favourite thing about working at Shake Shack?
It has to be our guests, it’s so nice to be able to witness their first Shake Shack, or see them returning to have their Shack faves.

Your go-to Shack order and why?
Hot dog with cheese sauce and Ale-marinated Shallots – may be controversial but I love adding all the extra toppings to it!

Now you’ve heard from our very own team now what their orders are and why they think Shake Shack have the best burgers in London, now you can try for yourself. Make sure you add in some of the Shack-hacks to your order.

Fry-Day (but Monday)!

Posted on: September 4th, 2023 by Holly

Beat The Monday Blues Shack Style!

Make every Monday a Fry-Day. This September you can grab yourself some FREE FRIES with every burger or hot dog purchase.

Want Some Fries With That?

Free Fries | Shake Shack

If you’re ordering ahead or in-Shack at one of our kiosks, all you need to do is choose your favourite burger or hot dog, select ‘Free Fries’ before adding to your basket, then grab your fries on us every Monday in September!

If you’re ordering with one of our team members, they’ll do all the hard work for you. Just simply order your burger of choice or hot dog.

Yes, it really is that simple. Don’t miss out on this one.

*Offer available at all UK Shake Shack locations excluding delivery-only locations and airports.

Gimme Gimme S’more: Summer’s Sweet Treats

Posted on: August 1st, 2023 by Holly

OK, so it’s not quite as hot as we’d like it to be, but we’ve got the perfect pick-me-up sweet treats for you. They’ve been tried and tested for all weather, and they taste great come rain or shine.

Introducing Our S’mores Shake

Chocolate frozen custard with marshmallow sauce, topped with whipped cream and biscuit crumbles. It’ll be just like sitting around a campfire, except you’ll most likely be dipping out of the busy London streets for a creamy milkshake.

Summer Dreaming With Our Coconut Mango Lemonade

You can transport yourself to sunnier climates with our new lemonade, made with real coconut and mango mixed in-house with our lemonade.

Our summer sips are available at all UK Shacks from 12th July for a limited time!

It’s Getting Ranchy: Our Buffalo Chicken Has Arrived

Posted on: July 12th, 2023 by Holly

We are brining you all the flavour and less of the mess with our new Buffalo Menu:

Buffalo Chicken Burger

Crispy, hand-breaded chicken breast covered in our Buffalo sauce, topped with our ranch sauce over pickles and shredded lettuce on a toasted potato bun.

Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries

Crispy crinkle cuts topped with our cheese sauce and dusted with our Buffalo  seasoning, served with our ranch sauce. 

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Crispy chicken bites, Buffalo sauce and ranch sauce.

The Secret’s in the Sauce

To create more depth of flavour, we put a Shack twist on the classic Buffalo sauce you know and love by adding more pronounced vinegary notes and a touch of garlic. We’re also putting an end to the greatest dipping debate of all time-ranch vs. blue cheese (we of course are proud members of Team Ranch!).

No Fowl Play

A lot of people ask us what makes our chicken so juice, so here’s the secret straight form our culinary team: it’s slow-cooked sous vide (a fine dining technique that prevents overcooking) in a creamy buttermilk marinade.

Our Buffalo menu is available at all UK Shacks from 12th July for a limited time!

Find your nearest Shack.

Shake Shack x Wavey Garms: The Collab of the Decade

Posted on: July 5th, 2023 by Holly

Our Waviest Collab to Date!

To mark a decade of Shake Shack UK, we are teaming up with British Culture Brand Wavey Garms for our first ever retail collab. We’re dropping a very limited T-shirt design, available for sale at every Shake Shack across the UK, and on the Wavey Garms website.

About Wavey Garms

Launched in 2013, Wavey Garms is known as an influential fashion site, offering a platform for fashion and streetwear fans to discuss culture without any inhibitions. Wavey Garms have continued to support and collaborate with aspiring creatives, tastemakers, influencers, creatives, musicians and artists since its inception.

We sat down with Andres Branco, founder of Wavey Garms, to get the scoop on this collab:

Who are Wavey Garms?

A community of passionate and interesting people who share common interests and goals.

What inspired you to start Wavey Garms, and how has it evolved over the past 10 years?

I started Wavey Garms as a place for people to share love for vintage and streetwear and it’s turned into so much more. It’s all about fresh talent and fresh ideas within UK culture, sharing insights and creating work we are proud of across visual content and brand activations.

Is working with Shake Shack your first time working with a burger brand? What made this an exciting partnership for Wavey Garms?

My first job was flipping burgers so it has really taken me back to wear my working career began! This is our first partnership with a hospitality brand and I am really grateful for the chance to partner with a global brand in a completely different industry to our usual partnerships.

As a fashion and culture brand, how do you see collaborations like this one shaping the industry and connecting with consumers?

It’s great to see a global brand such as Shake Shack working with grass roots brands like us, embracing local culture and established communities.

What impact do you hope this collaboration will have on the fashion and streetwear community in the UK?

Hopefully it will be seen as a fun celebration of both Shake Shack and Wavey Garms 10 year anniversaries. We hope people love the T-Shirt design as much as we do!

These limited T-shirts are available from 5th July until we sell out.

Order ahead at your Shack below so you don’t miss you!

Cuddle for Good: Shake Shack x The Cuddle Club

Posted on: June 14th, 2023 by Holly

Join us for a paw-fect Saturday afternoon

We’re teaming up with The Cuddle Club to bring you an afternoon of burgers + cuddles this Saturday 17th June between 1pm – 3pm.

What to Expect

Wag on over to Clapham Common for some stress busting fluff therapy! + Bring your four-legged pals to join in too! We’ll be at the Temperance Fountain in Clapham Common.

About The Cuddle Club

The Cuddle Club are a wellbeing company that focuses on harnessing the power of dog therapy to support the mental wellbeing of humans. They are committed to providing dog therapy as a way of supporting people’s mental well-being, cuddling a pup goes a very long way and

The therapy dogs, known as the Cuddle Club Heroes, have given thousands of cuddles to humans, spreading happiness and positivity.

Tickets are limited to make sure to secure your spot using the link below.

Happy Pride Month: Introducing our NEW Pride Shake for 2023

Posted on: June 1st, 2023 by Holly

We have always been on a mission to Stand for Something Good®, from our commitment to delivering an elevated guest experience and sourcing premium ingredients to supporting and investing in our people and communities around the world. Shake Shack has been an advocate of diversity and inclusion since the company’s early beginnings and actively supports the LGBTQ+ community, from team members to guests, year-round.

We’re here for our LGBTQ+ employees and guests, always. 

Pride Shake 2023

The new Pride Shake is made with cookie butter frozen custard hand spun with rainbow crispies and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Standing For Something Good, Always

We’ve joined forced with London Friend, the UK’s oldest LGBTQ+ charity supporting the health and wellbeing of the community in and around London and Pride CYMRU, a charity that celebrates and recognises contributions made by LGBTQ+ people in society through annual celebrations of equality and diversity. We will be donating £1 of every Pride Shake sale to these charities. 

Join us in celebrating Pride + supporting London Friend & Pride Cymru from 1st June – 3rd July. 

We’ve Got Burgers In Common: Shake Shack Clapham Is Coming

Posted on: May 26th, 2023 by Holly

We’re opening our doors to Clapham Common on 1st June 2023 at 12:30pm.

Our new South-London Shack has a prime corner location with outdoor seating in Clapham High Street, right near Clapham Common, one of London’s largest, and oldest, public open spaces.

Standing For Something Good

As always, we want to stay true to our mission to Stand for Something Good, so our Clapham Shack will donate 5% of sales of our Sticky Toffee Concrete to Norwood & Brixton Foodbank, a charity providing not just essential food but support and advice beyond the parcel.

Sneak Peak Of Our Clapham Shack

Creating lively yet balanced vibes, the interior will feature a welcoming green colour, all balanced with warm timber and neutral grey terrazzo.

We have collaborated with South-London based illustrator, Michael Parkin, on unique illustrations for the Shack’s exterior. His artwork is inspired by the vibrant bustling street and peaceful common, Michael captured the sense of community and fun that Clapham exudes.

Celebrate At Clapham Common With Us

Our doors open on 1.06.23 at 12:30, come and join us to celebrate, there will be a special guest performance!

P.S the first 100 guests in line can nab some exclusive merch made in collaboration with London based artist, Michael Parkin.

Rock Your Tastebuds: Shake Shack Camden is Opening

Posted on: April 19th, 2023 by Holly

Our latest Shack is set over 3 floors and located on Camden High Street. Facing Regent’s Canal, it’s the perfect spot to escape the busy high street and sit back, relax, and enjoy the Shack classics.

The interior is bold and impactful, bringing the urban and quirky elements to the overall minimal interior aesthetic, harmonising with Camden’s vibe. You’ll feel at home tucking into your favourite burgers and sippin’ on your shakes in our newest London Shack.

Standing For Something Good

As always, we want to stay true to our mission to Stand for Something Good, so our Camden Shack will donate 5% of sales of our Rockin’ Camden Crunch to Camden Foodbank, a local charity supporting adults and children in food poverty in the borough of Camden. 

Take A Peep At Our Camden Shack

We have collaborated with illustrator, Aga Giecko, to create bespoke artwork for our newest Shack. Inspired by the energy and culture of Camden, Aga blends our menu items with her take on the iconic sites of Camden. She uses vibrant colours and motifs that reflect the bright and eclectic painted shops and buildings on the High Street. You will find fun, floral characters bringing the scene to life in and around the Shack.

Join Us For Our Opening Celebrations

Our doors open on 27.04.23 1pm and to celebrate the opening, we will be having special live performances! 

P.S the first 100 guests in line can nab some exclusive merch made in collaboration with South London based artist, Aga Giecko! 

Getting Jalapeño Face

Posted on: March 16th, 2023 by Holly

Spice Up Spring With Our New Menu

It’s cold outside, but it’s getting chilli in here! Meet our new limited-time only Jalapeño Ranch menu.

What is Jalapeño Ranch?

Jalapeño Ranch 101: A creamy buttermilk dressing, seasoned with savoury parmesan, onion, garlic and zesty jalapeños

Jalapeño Ranch Burger

Beef burger topped with chilli cheddar cheese, tomato, pickled jalapeños, bacon, lettuce and jalapeño buttermilk.

Jalapeño Ranch Chicken

Crispy chicken breast topped with pickled jalapeños, bacon, lettuce and jalapeños buttermilk ranch.

Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Bites

Crispy chicken bites, jalapeño buttermilk ranch

Jalapeño Ranch Fries

Crinkle cut fries topped with jalapeño buttermilk ranch, bacon, spring onions and fresh jalapeño

Time To Spice Up Spring!

Our Jalapeño Ranch menu is available from 16th March – 31st May across all of our Shacks!

Click. Collect. Enjoy

Posted on: February 28th, 2023 by Holly

Queues aren’t everyone’s thing, we get it. Never wait in line again, pre-order your Shack faves. 

Busy bee? We got you.

Back-to-back meetings, or too busy to queue? Order ahead from the comfort of your desk and collect from our Canary Wharf Shack. We’ll have it ready and waiting for you. 

Catching a film? We got you.

Our Leicester Square Shack is right next to some of the best cinemas in the country. If you think the trailers cannot be missed, then plan your bites in advance. We know our buns beat any cinema snacks.

Shopping on Oxford Street? We got you

From our Tottenham Court Road spot all the way through to our Oxford Street Shack, you don’t need to waste a moment between shops. Check out our menu online, order ahead, collect and enjoy your crinkle cut cheesy fries. 

We’ve got Shacks dotted around London, so no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered. 

Click, collect and enjoy the Shack classics.